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Fixate Designs’ Stackable collection is the perfect ring for mixing and matching. Whether it’s for your favorite sports team, school colors or to coordinate with your outfit, Fixate’s Stackable Rings make it easy to fit your own personal style. Offered in 15 colors the Stackable Collection also stacks up perfectly with any of the other Fixate Designs Rings and note that most women wear three at a time.

Fixate neon blue rings include a durable ring bag with a rugged metal “S” clip. The bag is large enough to fit your driver’s license, car key, credit card, cash, ring and ear buds.

Fixate rings are made of high-performance technically advanced Medical-Grade Silicone and offer the perfect blend of style and function. They are a fantastic alternative to a metal wedding band due to their elasticity and comfort. Compared to metal bands, Fixate silicone rings are flexible and are among the safest rings in the world. Moreover, they are perfect for women who don’t want to take expensive jewelry to the gym. They are also ergonomically designed and ideal for those with large knuckles or temporarily swollen fingers, such as pregnant women.

So, who wears silicone wedding bands? Everyone! Moms, athletes, fitness and gym trainers, mechanics, electricians, military personnel, construction workers, firefighters, law enforcement, first responders, divers, surfers, machinists, outdoorsman, hikers, factory workers, business professionals. Worn by NPC Fitness Competitor and Personal Trainer Kayla Tocco and NAHA Hillclimb national competitor Chelsea Peterson.

  • Premium Medical-Grade Silicone
  • Stylish, Functional And Durable
  • 2mm thick and 2.4mm wide
  • One Year Warranty
  • Designed For An Active Lifestyle
  • As Seen On TV
  • Simple, Clean & Classy 

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