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INCREDIBLY POPULAR - These special camo rings are patent pending and made with our exclusive X-Vent system. These channels in the venting system increase the opportunity for air to flow between your ring and your finger, and reduce contact with your skin. This allows air to flow in and moisture to flow out of the contact area, and most importantly, they are extremely comfortable and incredibly soft (33% softer than standard FX8 rings). 

Fixate rings include a durable ring bag with a rugged metal “S” clip that is large enough to fit your driver’s license, credit card, cash, and ear buds. The rings can also be custom engraved on the outside with a date, name, etc.

Fixate FX8 X-Vent camouflage rings are made of high-performance Medical-Grade Silicone. Our bands have been developed by professional athletes, outdoorsman, photographers, construction workers, business professionals and mechanics who depend on their hands to make a living, and they are hypoallergenic, non-conductive and non-porous. Our rings are purpose-built, Patent Pending, and extremely functional.

Fixate’s FX8 rings are the perfect blend of style, strength and function, and a fantastic alternative to a metal wedding band. Our formula is lab-tested and we think you will agree that our quality products are the best option for an active lifestyle. Compared to metal bands, Fixate silicone rings are flexible and are among the safest rings in the world. Wedding rings, in general, have somehow managed to escape evolutionary change for hundreds of years, until now. No longer are you forced to wear something like a gold, silver or tungsten ring that have been linked to so many injuries. Moreover, silicone rings are perfect for women who don’t want to take expensive jewelry to the gym. They are also ergonomically designed and ideal for those with large knuckles or temporarily swollen fingers, such as pregnant women.

So, who wears silicone wedding bands? Everyone! Moms, athletes, fitness and gym trainers, mechanics, electricians, military personnel, construction workers, firefighters, law enforcement, first responders, divers, surfers, machinists, outdoorsman, hikers, factory workers, business professionals. Worn by NPC Fitness Competitor and Personal Trainer Kayla Tocco, Red Bull Off-Road Truck Champion Ricky Johnson, Motocross World Champion Grant Langston, and NAHA Hillclimb national competitor Chelsea Peterson.

  • Exclusive X-Vent Technology
  • Made of special softer material than standard FX8
  • Premium Medical-Grade Camo Silicone
  • Stylish, Functional And Durable
  • Incredibly Comfortable Tapered Dome
  • 1.5 to 2.2mm thick and 5.5mm wide
  • One Year Warranty
  • Patent Pending
  • Designed In The USA For An Active Lifestyle
  • Safer Than Metal Rings
  • No Two Camo Rings Are The Same!

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