What does the Fixate logo represent?

It represents two arms that connect around a central focal point of a ring, the ultimate symbol of eternal love. It complements our vision and motto of being Focused on Life’s Greatest Journeys.

Why did Fixate choose Silicone?

Like many of you, we felt that there were limitations to the traditional wedding rings made of diamonds, gold, silver, platinum and other metals. They can be restrictive, and we wanted a material that was strong, flexible, lightweight, and generally recognized as safe for skin contact. After a lot of research and traveling around the world, we decided upon a high-performance premium-grade hypoallergenic silicone. A 100% medical-grade high-tech non-toxic silicone that is lab tested and specifically formulated to incredibly high quality.  However, if you do have any allergy concerns, we recommend that you consult your physician.

Does the Fixate Ring have a patent?

We are currently patent pending and are very excited about our future in the world of research and development. Our ultimate goal is to innovate, rethink, and redesign products that improve lifestyle.

How did you develop the design?

Our design is purely based off of function. We chose a comfort-fit style with a rounded top to make it snag-resistant while building in a strong sidewall for increased durability. We wanted to make the ring incredibly versatile, ultralight, and the perfect blend of style and function. We believe that Fixate rings are perfect for the beach to the boardroom, and from the gym to the garage! We didn’t invent the wedding ring, we made it better!

What is included with my Fixate ring purchase?

In addition to the ring, we offer a stylish bag with a metal “S” clip. The bag is designed to hold credit cards, driver’s license, cash, ear buds and your Fixate Ring. It’s incredibly practical. There is also a Fixate sticker good for indoor/outdoor use.

Does Fixate offer custom engraving?

Yes. We offer this service for $9.99 on any of our one-color rings, and can also do team names, company logos, and other symbols or words you’d like displayed on your ring. There are limitations, but we do offer a lot of fun customized options.

How is the Fixate ring supposed to fit?

Our rings are designed to be comfortable and we recommend that you choose a size that is not too tight. Ideally, you should be able to see a little, and we mean little, light between the ring and your finger when you make a fist. If you are very active in water sports (surfing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, etc.) you might want to go a little smaller as your hand will prune and the water will act as lubrication, potentially removing your ring.

What size do I choose if I am a half-size?

We would recommend that you go up to the next size. The exception is for the X-Vent and Flattop rings where we recommend you size down.

What if my ring doesn’t fit?

Fixate offers exchanges and you can learn more by clicking here.

Want to save $5?

Click here and we will show you how to save money by referring a friend who can also save $5.

What does shipping cost?

Domestic U.S. orders up to $50 cost $3.95 and ship USPS First Class.
Domestic U.S. orders over $50 qualify for free USPS First Class shipping.
We also offer USPS Priority shipping (2-3 days) for $7.95 for orders up to $100 or
$11.95 for orders over $100

*Please note that when selecting the Priority 2-3 day shipping option, in most cases you will receive your order within the given time frame, however, USPS does NOT GUARANTEE that your Priority Shipping Order will arrive within 3 business days, but rather uses the 2-3 day shipping as an estimated arrival time for your expedited shipping option, choosing this option is at your own risk.*

Does Fixate offer international shipping?

Yes. Fixate ships USPS First Class International and the cost is $9.95 for any order. International orders may be subject to additional fees such as customs and handling. Fixate is not responsible for any additional fees.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

While we strive to get your order out as fast as possible and in most cases have a turnaround time of less than 2 business days, we kindly ask that you allow a 3-5 business day processing time from the date your order is received to the date it is shipped, this includes if you select our custom engraving option.

What is the return policy?

Please click here for our Exchange and Return policy.

Can I exchange my Fixate ring if I bought it from a dealer or Amazon?

Yes, and you can do so directly through Fixate to make it easy. Please click here for our Exchange and Return policy.

Does Fixate offer Gift Cards?

Yes, click here for more information.

What if I am allergic to silicone?

If you suspect you are one of the rare cases who may be allergic to silicone, we recommend that you consult your physician prior to purchasing.

Will my ring stretch?

Yes, and that is one of the amazing attributes. Fixate rings can be slid over large knuckles, swollen fingers and will resist snagging, but even if stretched it should return to its original form. To prevent unnecessary wear, we encourage that you do not roll, spin or play with your ring on or off your finger.

Are your rings the world’s safest wedding ring?

Our rings are among the safest in the world when compared to metal wedding bands which have been linked to ring avulsion injuries. Silicone rings are safer than metal rings because silicone rings will stretch and break under pressure. 

Is this the best wedding ring in the world?

We think so, but we are a little biased. We believe that Fixate rings are incredibly versatile and offer the perfect marriage of style and function for the modern lifestyle.

Are the rings heat resistant?

Yes, they are incredibly heat resistant and your hand will receive damage long before your Fixate ring is affected.

Do the rings conduct electricity?

No, they are non-conductive, and that is why they are great for electricians, construction workers and anyone who works with their hands for a living.

Do you sponsor athletes or events?

Yes, please send all sponsorship inquiries to Sponsorship@FixateDesigns.com

Are people confused about the terms silicone wedding band and silicone wedding rings?

Yes, and people commonly mistake them as rubber or plastic. However as research is done, people quickly learn that our men’s and women’s silicone wedding rings are the preferred material.

Who wears Fixate silicone rings?

We are proud to say policemen, policewomen, firemen, firewomen, military personnel, hospital staff, doctors, nurses, pilots, law enforcement, first responders, emergency responders, athletes, coaches, outdoorsman, outdoors women, hunters, industrial professionals, contractors, electricians, machinists, warehouse workers, engineers, professionals, businessmen, businesswomen, people involved in manufacturing, welders, fisherman, surfers, swimmers, motocross riders, mountain bikers, adventure lovers, fitness experts, gym regulars, as well as moms and dads all wear our technical advanced high-performance, heavy-duty, flexible silicone wedding bands. Our rings are simple, classy, lightweight, comfortable, ergonomically designed and the perfect way to show your love and commitment.

What is the corporate address and mailing address?

We are located at 41810 McAlby Ct., Murrieta, CA 92562

What are your normal customer service business hours?

Monday-Friday 9:30am - 5:00pm PST








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