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About us


We founded Fixate on the simple premise of creating products that make life better. Products that allow people to be more active, take better care of themselves, and have fewer restrictions. Simply put, we wanted to rethink, re-engineer, and redesign items used in everyday life that we felt needed to evolve.

We are all about sports, health, fitness, nutrition and self-improvement, and our line of high-performance products combines both style and function for the modern ages and an active lifestyle. We started testing our high-performance wedding bands after several of our founders had ring-related injuries, including several that forced surgery. We wanted to create a line of products that would allow others the ability to have more freedom and flexibility in everyday life, whether you work with your hands for a living, or participate in other activities that are hindered by traditional metal rings.

We also realized that many working men and women didn’t wear rings for fear of damaging expensive wedding bands, because they weren’t allowed on the jobsite, were afraid of losing them, or felt traditional wedding rings were otherwise unsafe. Our friends in the military are one example where jewelry, especially wedding rings, are strictly regulated, and we wanted them to have an option of something practical to wear. We also didn’t like our spouses going to the gym without their wedding ring, and wanted to have a high-performance alternative to gold, silver and platinum bands.

Ultimately, the quest for improving lifestyle is what led us to the realization that wedding rings needed a boost from technology. Born was the Fixate ring after lots of research and development around the world, and it’s just the first of many products that are purpose-built. Our rings are lab tested, designed in the United States, and engineered using materials that are among the best in the world. They have been created to be worn at times when people would otherwise take off their metal wedding bands, and they are tough.

The Fixate logo is also very special to us because of its meaning and its birthplace on the exotic Hawaiian island of Kauai. It incorporates two arms that connect around a central focal point of a ring, the ultimate symbol of eternal love. It compliments our vision and motto of being Focused on Life’s Greatest Journeys!

Our group is rather unique in the sense that we are owned by 40 families in order to make something special. We have business owners, firefighters, law enforcement, military, pilots, paramedics, IT consultants, SEO specialists, construction workers, journalists, photographers, videographers, foreman, general contractors, heavy equipment operators, mechanics, machinists, nurse, CAD designer, PR specialists, graphic artists, small parts manufacturers, bearing sea fisherman, white collar professionals and world championship racers as owners. We hope you enjoy our products!