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We know so many of you, our amazing customers, live active lifestyles- heck, it's one of the many reasons we decided to create our line of silicone wedding bands, so we decided to provide you all with our list of top items we can't live without when it comes to our workouts.

A lot of you have asked what our go-to workout items are so we thought what better way to let you all know than with a blog post. We like to keep things relatively simple because it can be very easy to over complicate your workouts and waste time fidgeting around with devices that take away from the time you should be focusing on your fitness- most of us don't have a ton of time to kill as it is so it's all about maximizing your time. With that being said, here are our must have gym items:

1. Gallon Gear- this thing is a LIFESAVER. It's basically a "sweater" for your gallon of water, so you can carry it around and keep all your essentials in it. Things like your gym card, debit card and ID. A place for your gloves and headphones, a little cash, your keys and then your water is always with you. It's also super helpful because many gyms don't allow gym bags on the floor and not everyone enjoys using lockers. You can get yourself one at

2. HR Monitor- These days, there are plenty to choose from, and most have apps and bluetooth so that you can pair them with your phones. Such a great way to make sure you're staying on track with your fitness and that you're staying in range with intensity during your workouts.

3. Headphones- Let's face it, a workout isn't a workout without a little music to keep us pumped, there's nothing quite like being able to throw on your headphones and zone out until it's just you and the weights (or cardio equipment). Protip- if you use wireless headphones, always keep a spare pair of wired ones with your gym bag in case they die mid workout. There is nothing worse mid-workout or mid-cardio then your headphones dying.

4. Fixate Designs Silicone Rings- They have so many colors and styles to choose from that you can have so much fun coordinating outfits or changing them based on your mood and then you no longer have to worry about your wedding ring getting scratched or lost at the gym or even pinching your finger when you pick up the weights. (Did you think we wouldn't include our awesome product in our gym must haves list? ;-) )

5. Resistance Bands- Whether you want to keep your workout simple or up the intensity of your normal routine, resistance bands are a great and inexpensive way to add a little change and excitement to your regimen, and they're great if you need to do a workout on the go when you don't have access to a gym.

Drop a comment with your favorite gym essentials below! 

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