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When asked this week why we sell silicone rings, we could wait to answer! Silicone rings are a great alternative to traditional harder material bands for many reasons.

Silicone is safer! For anyone who works in a physically demanding job, from a construction worker to a professional athlete to a mom of 3, these rings are a safer option! Metal or harder material bands can get stuck, cause burns, or worse…the loss of a finger.  One mom told us, “My diamond wedding band would catch in my daughter’s hair. That’s why I started wearing my FX8”.  The wife of a lineman who is regularly out working on active power lines said, “My husband loves his ring!! No more worries about losing a finger!”.  The flexibility and breathability of our rings create a safer option for anyone wearing a ring! Safer and stylish rings were one of our main objectives when creating our rings.

Many people enjoy the color and style options silicone rings offer. Our custom engraving adds a personal, customized touch. Nancy bought our Pink Stealth Women’s Silicone Ring and added engraving with a special date: the date she was declared cancer-free!! Her pink ring is a daily reminder of her survivorship and the beautiful life ahead of her. We have engraved everything from birthdays to Bitmojis. Customize your ring in endless ways! Our Stackables are perfect for matching your favorite team colors or showing your personal flair!

Another great reason to consider silicone rings is comfort. Have you ever had the uncomfortable problem of pulling a too-tight ring over your knuckle? Or flying and experiencing swollen fingers and a stuck ring? Silicone rings alleviate all discomfort that comes from metal bands. So comfortable you will almost forget you have a ring on!

Why Silicone?

Safety    ∙    Style    ∙    Comfort


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