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These days, everyone has the capability of being a photographer with technology that’s available at our fingertips, but if you want to separate yourself from the masses and really take your adventure photography up a notch, then these gadgets and tips are just what you need.

  1. Wide-angle lens – For outdoor adventure, we love using wide-angle lenses, and sometimes even extreme wide angle lenses. You don’t have to go crazy here, but this allows you to capture more beauty and background in your photos.  Wide-angle lenses also tend to increase color saturation which will help you to capture more vibrant photos.
  2. Tripod – Our favorite brand is Manfrotto and they have a huge selection of quality tripods to choose from that are specifically designed for adventurers. Having a tripod will allow you to capture sharper images, free of camera shake, and they also give you the opportunity to experiment with time exposures to really add a wow-factor to your photos.
  3. Spare batteries – Since most cameras take model-specific batteries, it’s always a good idea to have at least one spare on hand so you don’t miss out on a great photo opportunity thanks to a dead camera. And don’t forget to turn off your camera when it’s not being used to help extend the life of each battery.
  4. Editing Software – Good editing software is widely available in both free and paid versions. The one we use most is iPhoto and it comes standard on most Apple computers and tablets. Affinity Photo is another software that we love that is very user-friendly thanks to the numerous instructional videos that are available on the internet.
  5. Camera bag – Keeping your camera well protected from the elements is essential, but it needs to be a good quality bag otherwise it’s pointless in terms of protection. We usually use Tamrac bags, but there are numerous other good brands on the market for you to choose from, just be sure to look up reviews and do your research before settling on one. Ideally, adventure photographers want to be very selective about the amount of equipment they carry with them because of the weight, especially if you’re planning to travel on foot or through difficult terrain. Sometimes less can actually be more, in the sense that less weight means you can typically cover more distance on foot and encounter photo opportunities in areas less travelled by the masses. We also recommend carrying a lot of large one-gallon baggies with silica packs in order to reduce the impact of moisture on your equipment. You might not be familiar with how to use silica packs, but you have certainly seen them when you’ve unpacked expensive items that could be damaged by moisture.  Just Google it, and see what we mean.
  6. Hand-Held Shutter Release – These come in a wide variety of options depending on your camera make and model, and some of these are fully digital. They allow you to reduce camera shake during timed exposures and some even allow control of other aspects of your DSLR camera, including special video features. A handheld shutter release allows you to keep the camera steady without needing a tripod.
  7. Have a Back-up – We recommend carrying a second camera such as a GoPro or another small camera. These have incredibly wide lenses built in, great editing software that is available for owners at no additional charge, and features that allow you to capture moments and scenery in a way your normal camera may not be capable of doing.
  8. Have a Go-To Store – Our favorite camera store is B&H Photo in New York City. Check out if you don’t live locally. Simply put, if they don’t have it, you don’t need it. Don’t get caught up in buying every single item available on the market, sometimes, when it comes to photography, less is more.  Let the scenery do the talking for you. The company is truly amazing. Our second favorite photography store is Adorama (, followed by Samy’s Camera ( so be sure to check them all out. We’re positive one of these three places will be become your go-to source for your photography needs.

Now that you’ve got a great list to help you improve your outdoor photography, take these tips and purchase some of the gadgets and show us what you come up with. Be sure to use the hashtag #StayFixated when you post your photos and tag @FixateDesigns so we can see the results!

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