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Wedding rings have long since been the ultimate symbol of everlasting love.  They remind couples of the promise they made to one another, show the rest of the world that each are in a serious relationship, and are among the most-valuable jewelry that a family usually owns.  Their small size was originally created to be wearable at all times and creative in nature, but they have been slow to evolve.  From engagement bands to rings for the bride and groom, they have always been considered a gift from the heart, and therefore have typically been made out of exotic or precious metals.  Our silicone wedding rings, for the most part, have never been intended to replace the more expensive gold, silver or platinum wedding bands that were exchanged at the wedding ceremony.  Even though many people wear Fixate rings full-time, they were intended to be a second ring for the gym, participation in sports, outdoor recreation and work.  A comfortable alternative that still allowed people to make the connection of a committed relationship and the loyalty that follows.

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