Everyone has their own appetite for excitement.  For some, it takes very little to get their blood flowing and create a sense of adventure, while others need to seemingly risk their life to get an adrenalin rush.  The X-Games has created an empire around this concept and has helped make names like Travis Pastrana and Tony Hawk household names.

While not everyone has the same need to rapidly raise their heart rate, we do have a strong belief that everyone does like a sense of adventure.  Although there are a lot of things that do take a lot of talent, including a few items on our list, there are other activities that virtually anyone can try.  Check it out!

  1.   White Water Rafting - There are six different levels of rapids with class one being the easiest and class six being unrunnable.  The Grand Canyon is the premiere multi-day spot for river adventures, but there are lots of other great spots in Idaho, Colorado, Utah, South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia and Maine.
  2.   Ziplining - This sport has gained a lot in popularity during the last 10 years, and can even be found indoors and in unusual places like the Las Vegas Strip.  We tend to like eco tours that offer lines that are at least 750 feet feet.  Please note that ziplining is not for everyone, and most places have age and weight restrictions, so make sure to plan ahead before you get everyone in your group excited about this thrill sport.
  3.   Shark Cage Diving - This does take some training and a lot of specialized equipment, but it can be an absolute blast.  Although it doesn’t take a lot of physical stamina, it does elevate the heart rate relatively quickly.  Some of the best spots are Point Judith, Rhode Island; Montauk, New York; and Farallon Islands, California.  Make sure you bring a camera such as a GoPro to capture the spectacular moments.
  4.   Personal Watercraft Adventures - Kawasaki introduced the Jet Ski in 1972 and it has become synonymous with the sport of personal watercraft riding.  The sport started with single-person stand up watercraft, but expanded during the last few decades to include multiple person machines that are capable of carrying several people at a time.  These boat like high performance machines have no exposed propeller and are capable of navigating shallow water and narrow channels.  Our favorite riding spots are Lake Powell in Arizona, Lake Havasu on the California/Arizona border, and in the warm waters in Florida.
  5.   Snow Biking - This sports is extremely new and has been pioneered by a company called Timbersled in Idaho.  These snowmobile like machines are high tech converted dirt bikes that replace the front wheel with a ski, and the rear wheel with a track.  There is even what is called the Snow Bike National Championship Race Series that has stops in Montana, Minnesota, Utah and Idaho.  We highly recommend having some previous snowmobile or dirt bike experience prior to snow biking in any serious terrain.
  6.   Snowboarding - Several months of the year, this sport is incredibly popular on ski slopes across America.  All of the equipment can be rented, and most resorts offer one-on-one and group training.  You have to try this at least once in your lifetime.
  7.   Bungee Jumping - Not that this is necessarily a sport, but it is an incredible adrenalin rush.  Bungee jumping got its start in New Zealand and is now a global phenomenon.  The sensation is unequalled, and there are locations to bungee jump all over the United States.
  8.   Mountain Biking - There are few sports that rival the combination of fun and exercise that is offered through mountain biking, and we absolutely love it!  Our favorite place to ride is in Aspen, Colorado but there are all sorts of trail systems around the country.  There are even two indoor parks in Wisconsin and Ohio called Rays MTB (www.raysmtb.com) that offer unique courses for riders of all skill levels.
  9.   Cliff Diving - Provided you find a safe place with deep enough water, this sport can be exhilarating.  Most of us gained first-hand experience in Lake Havasu, Arizona or in Maui, Hawaii.  Safety is paramount, so don’t take any unnecessary risks!
  10.    Rock Climbing - Man has been climbing rocks since the beginning of time, but equipment has evolved dramatically over time.  Thanks to featherweight alloys and high performance rope, adventurers are climbing rocks that were once thought impossible.  There are also rock climbing courses taught all over the United States, and most have rental equipment that is reasonably priced.

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