Inexpensive Activities:

  • Hike to Havasu Falls located in the Grand Canyon.  The Arizona destination features vivid blue-green color and forms natural travertine dams that occur around the falls.
  •   Google mud runs in your area and give one of them a shot.  It’s a fun activity to do with friends, and it’s also a great way to exercise as your concentration is typically focused more on the challenges than on your physical preparedness.  


  •   Take a train ride from Anchorage to Fairbanks in Alaska.  This is truly a unique adventure with breathtaking sites.
  •   Visit New England in the Fall. This portion of the East Coast is absolutely gorgeous as leaves begin to change color.        
  •   Take a tour of Cave of the Winds in Colorado.  This hidden gem is full of stalagmite and stalactite formations.  It’s worth a half-day of your life and there aren’t too many places like it on earth.  Visit www.caveofthewinds.com for more information.


  •   Rent an RV and visit a few national parks.  The United States has so many beautiful things to experience, and this is a great way to learn about history and culture.
  •   Learn to SCUBA dive.  This opens up an entirely different view of the world, especially in tropical waters where colorful undersea life flourish.   
  •   Take a Jeep tour in Ouray, Colorado or in Moab, Utah.  This is a great way to see the backcountry and sites that are not otherwise easily accessible.  For more information visit www.sanjuanjeeptours.com               


  •   Learn to fly an airplane.  Most airports offer schools to teach people to fly single-engine fixed-wing aircraft.  Most have an introductory flight where students get to take the controls for less than $200.  Even if you don’t pursue your pilot’s license, you need to get the controls in your hand at least once in your life.
  •   Try parasailing.  Most lakes or resorts offer this unique activity and it’s usually less than $100 for a sizeable adrenalin rush.     
  •   Take a ride on jet boats through narrow canyons on New Zealand’s south island.  This is absolutely intense and the driver’s are incredibly skilled.  For more information visit www.shotoverjet.com
  •   Check out Ray’s MTB indoor bike park in Cleveland Ohio.  This is a great way to have fun and stay in shape during the winter months, and it has several courses for different skill levels.  For more information visit www.RaysMTB.com.


  •   Check out the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.  The area is beautiful and full of fun activities for the entire family.
  •   Visit the Barber Motorsports Museum.  It’s located in Alabama and is outright amazing.  Learn more at www.barbermuseum.org
  •   Take a ride on the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge train in Colorado.  The Rocky Mountains are stunning and this is a fun way to spend a day and is relatively inexpensive.  For more information visit http://www.durangosilvertonrailroad.com

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