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One of the many challenges that face American military personnel is their extreme lifestyle that centers around heavy equipment, a wide variety of tools, and the need to be extremely mobile and very quick.  Because of this, under certain circumstances, military personnel may not be allowed to wear their wedding rings at all times of service due to a phenomenon known as ring avulsion.  This is where a metal wedding ring gets caught on another object and causes one of three injuries.

The first injury is the peeling away of skin, muscle, ligaments and tendons down to the bone.  The second type is a fracture, and the third is partial or complete amputation.  A nasty combination of these occurs during an accident when the ring is crushed onto the finger and has to be cut off inside an open wound.  We are not trying to be graphic, but just trying to explain the real dangers and past history.  Warning, do not Google ring avulsion if you have a weak stomach.  Avulsion injuries, in one form or another, are a serious problem in the USA that reportedly hurt 150,000 people every year.

Because silicone wedding bands are flexible, and have relatively low tensile strength compared to metal bands, they are among the safest class of wedding bands in the world.  It’s the elastic quality that makes Fixate rings more likely to be approved for use where metal rings would be prohibited in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and National Guard.

Fixate rings also do not conduct electricity and do not hinder muscles like metal rings when they  get extremely cold or uncomfortably hot in different environmental conditions.  It’s why we make Fixate silicone rings in several colors to support our friends in the armed forces. We also want to thank everyone who has served our country in the past and present.

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