Our mission statement at Fixate Designs is to focus on developing innovative products that enhance life through a perfect blend of style and function. To create products that allow people more freedom and flexibility in work and play.

We take this mission very seriously, especially when it comes to love and commitment. You see, the ring itself is nothing more than a symbol of neverending love. For hundreds of years, the size and type of your ring mattered in certain social circles, but we believe that is rapidly changing. We believe that what some people are calling the "rubber wedding ring" or "rubber wedding band" phenomenon is just a natural progression. We just experienced one of the worst recessions of all time and displaying wealth, became, well, not always that cool. That psychological change is one of the reasons why Fixate silicone wedding bands have exploded in popularity. It doesn't matter if you are a college student, world-class athlete, or leader of a $50 million a year corporation, silicone wedding bands are now seen worldwide as a desirable option to gold, silver, and titanium.  

In general, Fixate rings are perfect for home, work, and play. They provide more freedom for an active style and are safer than traditional metal rings. Although many of the advantages of our rings are universal, our men's silicone rings seem to be extremely popular at the gym, job site, and outdoor activities. Our women's silicone wedding rings, seem to be popular with new moms, travelers, athletes, and those who are extremely style conscious. 

Regardless of your reason, we are proud to create a line of innovative products that allow people to show their commitment to marriage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Thanks for supporting our brand!

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