Here is a simple reminder (i.e., a list) for couples on how to make this Valentine's Day extra special for their loved one.

It all starts with planning, and all the personal touches are easy to do with a little effort. So enjoy, it's a fast read.

FLOWERS – Everyone loves flowers. If your spouse works, have flowers delivered to the office. They will appreciate it, and their co-workers will acknowledge how lucky they are to have someone who remembers the little things. Remember, flowers usually come with a simple card, so make sure to write something memorable. This is your opportunity to be romantic and even tease of more things to come throughout the day.

CARD – Buy a Hallmark style card to give to your loved one at dinner. Take the time to write something lengthy and meaningful in the card. Recount the memories that started your relationship in the first place. Point out all of their amazing qualities, and if you have kids, reinforce what a great job they have done with the family.

DINNER – Take the time to have a relaxing dinner and spend time with each other. Whether that means you stay home and cook together or go out to your favorite restaurant, the goal is to pamper each other throughout the day.

GIFT – Give your loved one something special on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but something to show that you remembered. The internet is full of gift ideas. But of course, we offer the best such as a custom engraved FX8 X-Vent silicone ring. Ultimately it is the thought that counts.

WEEKEND GETAWAY – Most couples value time away together more than they do receiving material things. Consider taking your loved one on a short weekend getaway to someplace relaxing. Make the weekend about each other and leave the kids at home with a babysitter or grandparents.

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