1. Two light sources are ideal, one for your helmet and one for your handlebars.
  2.  When using artificial light, familiarize yourself with where the shadows lie and plan your ride accordingly.  This can help you avoid getting into a blind situation.
  3.  Monitor your light source’s battery and bring a spare.  For situations where you find your ride was longer than expected, monitoring your light’s battery will prevent you from trying to get home in complete darkness.
  4.  Bring plenty of water.  Just because it may be cooler doesn’t mean you can’t get dehydrated.   You can end up dehydrated easily in the cold.  When the weather is cold you don’t get as thirsty as when bike riding when the weather is warm, even though it is just as important to stay hydrated.
  5.  Wear the proper eye protection.  Clear or yellow lenses, rather than tinted glasses, are ideal in order to see the trail you’re riding on as the sun goes down.  Eyewear will also keep any dust or debris that is kicked up from your bike, as well as bugs that would be attracted to your light sources, out of your eyes and will prevent potential injuries.
  6.  Bring a friend.  Rather than riding alone, bring a friend or two along with you.  Following the safety in numbers rule, having backup in dangerous and harmful situations is always reassuring.  If for whatever reason you do make the decision to take a night-ride alone, at the very least let at least two people know where you are going and an estimated time you plan to return.
  7.  Remember the temperature difference between day and night and dress appropriately.  Arm or leg warmers may be necessary, especially if the ride is unexpectedly prolonged due to a flat tire or other incident.
  8.  Chose a familiar trail.  For your first night ride, try and stray away from choosing a trail you have no experience riding.  By riding a trail you are familiar on allows you to get the feel to how your eyes adjust as the daylight fades as well as workout any lighting issues.

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