Finding time to workout is difficult enough so why would you want to waste that time with mediocre workouts that get you little to no results?  Keep yourself from getting discouraged by following these eight easy steps to make the most out of each of your workouts:

1. Have a Plan: Wasting time wandering around the gym, going from machine to machine is pointless and won’t get you anywhere.  Come to the gym prepared by having your workout planned out prior to your arrival.  It will help you stay focused and keep you from wasting time.

2. Fuel Up: Eat something small roughly 30-60 minutes before your workout.  A combination of protein and carbohydrates is ideal so your body has fuel it can use to get you through your workout and help you to burn more fat.  An apple and 2 tbsp of peanut butter is a good choice.

3. Warm-up: Without a proper warm-up you not only risk injuring yourself, but also won’t be able to perform at your optimum intensity. Start with 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching or a speed walk on the treadmill to get your blood flowing and loosen up your muscles, especially if you work out first thing in the morning or have been sitting at a desk all day.

4. Get Off The Phone: Sticking your nose in your phone while you should be working out is not only annoying, but it does nothing to help you.  Your entire workout is pointless if you aren’t focused and take five minutes of rest between sets to scroll social media.  Focus on your next set, not the next selfie.

5. Practice Safe Sets: Proper form decreases your risk of injury and also enables you to properly target your muscles during your workout. Going heavier on your lifts without proper form is pointless because you won’t get the most out of that lift. Opt for a slightly lighter weight that allows you to remain in proper form.

6. Cardio Last: Completing cardio first leaves your body depleted and tired before you hit the weights causing you to lift with less intensity and risk injury from being overly tired.  Hit the weights after your warm-up and follow it up with cardio to maximize your session.

7. Rest: If you don’t rest, your body takes longer to recover which inhibits your overall progress.  Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night and take at least one rest day a week to allow your body the time it needs to repair and recover from the workouts you completed that week.

8. Change It Up: If you’ve been doing the same routine for the past 4-6 weeks, it’s time to change it up. To keep your workouts fresh and exciting, alter your sets, reps and exercises.  This will help to keep your body from plateauing and getting used to the same workout.  Take these tips into account and you’re sure to have a better workout.

Kayla Tocco is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and NPC Bikini Competitor who lives in Las Vegas with her amazing husband, Chris and their adorable son, Landen. When she’s not spending time with her family, working out or writing training programs for her clients, you can usually find her reading anything she can get her hands on and salivating over donuts and mexican food. You can hire Kayla’s services or find out more about her by visiting her website and blog at and following her on social media (links on her website.)

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