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There are a lot of fun activities for active adults and the entire family that you may never have thought about doing.  What follows are six cool events that we think you will find fun.  In most cases, you will need to do some research on Google to find local events in your area, but here are our recommendations:

  1.  Mountain Bike Races – There are hundreds of amateur bike races across the nation every year, and there are a variety of classes based on skill level, age and type of bike.  Most entry fees are relatively inexpensive, and it’s a fantastic way to enjoy active sports.
  2.  Mud Runs – This phenomenon has grown quickly and it’s actually a lot more fun than you can imagine. If you decide to join this activity, it’s very important to wear the proper clothing. You will find all sorts of tips on the internet such as double knotting your shoe laces, how to protect your eyes, how to stay hydrated, and much, much more.
  3.  Triathlon – There are triathlon's in all shapes and sizes and they can be a lot of fun if you are in relatively good shape.  Of all the things on our list, this is probably the most intense, but if you finish one, you will never forget the feeling of accomplishment.
  4.  5k Run – Millions of people enjoy running to stay in shape and there are all sorts of organized events across the country each year.  It may sound a tad intimidating to some, but it’s really fun and no one cares how you finish.  The point is, just get out and stay active.
  5.  Indoor Karting – We have become fans of this sport and it’s a lot more physically demanding than you can imagine.  Our favorite place is called Pole Position Raceway (www.PolePositionRaceway) and they have public events that allow competitors to race in head-to-head competition in organized events.  Our favorite is the Team Endurance Race format in which up to 10 teams compete for about 90 minutes in a relay race style format.  There are up to five people on each team, and the karts are electric (i.e. very fast and environmentally friendly).
  6.  Autocross - If you enjoy speed, you should check out a relatively unknown sport called autocross.  This is a sport where a temporary race track is setup and drivers compete against one another in timed events in whatever type of cars they want.  Most of the people use their daily driver cars, but some bring high-performance machines.  Despite the relatively small amount of time on the track, usually just a few minutes, the sport produces an incredible adrenalin rush.  And since there is only one car on the track at a time, and there is usually plenty of runoff room, it’s relatively safe in the otherwise risky world of motorsports.

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