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Not everyone has all the time in the world to spend at the gym, but most of us still want to live a fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle right? Well, if you’re like the majority of us out there, you want to find the best way to get the most bang for your workout buck. That’s why our team here at Fixate Designs has come up with some tips to help you maximize your time in the gym so that you aren’t wasting valuable time and can get to all the other things on your to do list.

  1. SET YOUR ALARM- We know, this is probably the last thing you want to do, but if you really want to make sure you get that workout in without it putting a hindrance on the rest of the things you have to do each day, then getting up a little bit earlier is the best way to knock this item off your list, plus it’s only hard for the first week or so and then your body gets used to it.
  2. CIRCUITS AND HIIT WORKOUTS FOR THE WIN- These styles are a great option because they pack a punch in a short period of time. Circuit style workouts tend to be higher rep and use body-weight and light weight usually. You set several exercises out and complete each exercise back to back with no rest between. After you complete the final exercise, you take a 30-60 rest period and repeat. This keeps your rest periods short so you can complete an hour workout in roughly 30 minutes and because of it’s fast pace, you have the added bonus of it being a mild form of cardio as well. While it’s normal to use body-weight style exercises for this, it is possible to still do this style of workout with heavier weights or machines, you just follow the same format, it’s just not recommended during busy times at the gym because of how many pieces of equipment you may need to use at one time. For HIIT workouts- also known as High Intensity Interval Training, these workouts can be done in about 20 minutes time and you can use them for normal exercises or for cardio. You may not burn as many calories during the workout as you would with a longer session, but one of the added benefits of HIIT is that it allows you to burn more calories during the rest of your day. Pick several high intensity style exercises and choose a number of sets for each, such as burpees and jumping jacks and complete as many reps as possible, as fast as possible, in a short 20 second period of time, rest for 40 seconds then repeat, 15-20 times.
  3. PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC- Put on those headphones, put away your phone and just knock out that workout. A lot of time in the gym can be saved by not chatting it up with other patrons or scrolling through your social media and email accounts. As fun as that can be, you’re on a time crunch, right? Most gym-goers recognize that if someone is wearing headphones, they’re just trying to focus on their workout and people will leave them alone. Stay focused and get it done.

These are some of the best ways we’ve found to make sure you get a great workout in without it taking up too much of your day. We hope you find them helpful, and since you’re planning on working out, why not get yourself one of our silicone rings so you don’t have to worry about ruining your wedding band during your high intensity activities.

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