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Rick & Suzanne Jacobs

School Teachers / Snowboarders / Hikers / Wakeboarders / Mountain Bikers / Motorcycle Riders / World Travelers / Adventurers

Rick Jacob grew up in Anaheim, CA. He went to Cal State, University Long Beach for his BA and received his Master’s degree from Cambridge College. He now lives in Canyon Lake, CA, and mov...

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Phil Holcomb

Business Owner / Racer / Philanthropist

You can say that Phil Holcomb was born into a family business of construction. His parents Philip and Karen owned a small construction company doing demolition and grading in Arcadia, CA. “I was always intrigued and loved heavy equipment,” said Holcomb. “I was able to cli...

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Scott Heath

Business owner / Marketing Specialist / Photographer

Scott is a multi-talented family man who knows how to make public relations work hard for a variety of businesses. With more than 25 years of public relations experience, Scott creates and implements programs that drive awareness, sales and brand image for cl...

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Tim McKercher

Entrepreneur / Award-Winning Marketer / Waterman / Racing Hall of Fame Inductee / President of Look Marketing / Family Man

Tim McKercher is driven by passion. McKercher has figured out how to make a good living for himself, his kids, and put a ring on the finger of his dream girl (and business partner) by turni...

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Donnie Bales

Video Producer / Pilot / Journalist / Racer / Co-Founder of Fixate / Founder of First Turn Films / Co-Founder of Medical Professionals Billing

Donnie Bales is an author, video producer and off-road motorcycle racer. He is the owner and founder of First Turn Films in southern California which has done work for W...

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Ken Faught

Pilot / Racer / Author / Photographer / Land Speed Record Holder / International Traveler / President of Pole Position Raceway / President of P2R Karting

 Ken Faught is a man of many talents and is literally one of those guys who has been there, done that, so to speak. Married with two kids, Ken is the co-found...

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Lynn Hodges

Entrepreneur / Race Car Driver / Dirt Bike & Snow Bike Fanatic / Water Sports Enthusiast / Family Man

Lynn was raised in Ontario, Oregon by parents who loved him dearly, but did not share his enthusiasm for dirt bikes. Lynn would ask for a dirt bike every year for his birthday and Christmas. His parents did...

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Mason Obray

Husband / Boater / Adventurer / Hiker / Traveler / Photographer 

Mason Obray calls the greater Willamette Valley home base, but pursues adventure far beyond. A relocation at a young age to the great state of Oregon has enabled Mason to experience mo...

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Travis & Lexie Whitlock

Motorcycle Hillclimb World Champion / Business Owner / Timbersled Athlete / World Travelers

Travis and Lexie Whitlock

14-Time National Motorcycle Hillclimb Champion / Three-Time World Champion / Business Owner / Timbersled Athlete.

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Jamie Dicks

Adventurer / Owner of MyGym in Layton, Utah/ Owner Sub Zero Ice Cream / Mom

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Jamie Dicks leads a full life with her husband, a former professional motorcycle racer, Ryan. As a parent of two young children, every day is a constant juggle in the quest to create more time. Jamie o...

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Brandon & Angela Whitlock

Professional Hillclimber/ Photographer / Business Owner / Outdoor Enthusiasts / World Travelers / Dog Lovers

Brandon was Born and raised in Utah and hillclimbing has been a part of the Whitlock family for over 40 years. His dad Steve instilled the love of hillclimbi...

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Danny Carlson

Businessman / Former Professional Athlete / Fabricator / Husband / Father

Danny Carlson is a former professional athlete turned businessman who lives with his wife and three children on a horse ranch in southern California. It’s been through his strategic counsel and market positioning, that RJ Fabrication has ...

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