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Johnny Louch

Co-founder of The W Training Facility / Sports Trainer / Firefighter / Entrepreneur

Johnny Louch is a man’s man and is one of the toughest people that we know. He has been a dedicated fitness fanatic since his teenage years and that allowed the South African to travel to the United States several times as a tee...

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Kelly Simmons

Fitness Competitor / Mom

Kelly spent her early childhood years surrounded by John Deere tractors and cornfields in a small Southern Illinois town. Growing up she played field hockey, soccer and softball, but didn’t start weight training until college. It was around this time that she became intrigued about body...

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Regie Simmons

IFBB Pro -  Men’s Physique

Regie Simmons dabbled in weight training off and on for years—first while running track in high school and again during a weight lifting class in college. It wasn’t until he had completed his undergrad degree in Journalism from Howard University and his MBA from Saint Joseph’s Univers...

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Destin Cantrell

 Professional Motorcycle Freestyle Rider / Husband / Dad / World Traveler / X-Games Competitor 

Southern California’s Destin Cantrell is one of the world’s top motorcycle freestyle riders. He’s traveled around the world competing and has entertained millions of motorsports fans. He and his wife Ashley are part ...

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Daniel Yonan

Triathlete / Fireman / Paramedic / Personal Watercraft Racer / Humanitarian

Daniel Yonan lives in Corona, California and is a career Firefighter/Paramedic who has deep roots in all types of racing. Having been involved in the fire service for over 20 years, Daniel has dedicated himself to a life of public servi...

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Bret Peterson

Multi-time N.A.H.A Pro Hillclimb National Champion / Co-owner Ecoworkz Synthetic Grass and Interlocking Pavers / Pole Position Raceway Shareholder

Yorba Linda California's Bret Peterson is a third-generation champion from the famed Peterson family in America's oldest...

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 Athlete / Racer / Business Executive

Almost everything in Greg Lasiewski’s personal and business life revolves around athletics and competition. Greg was born and raised Southern Californian and was first introduced into motorcycling in his early teens.  He spent several years racing most of the (now long-gone...

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Ryan Simpson

Bearing Sea Fisherman / Cast Member of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch / Entrepreneur

There aren’t many people tougher than Ryan Simpson, and some of his life’s adventures have been chronicled in the highly acclaimed Discovery Channel television show...

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Kerry Peterson

Motorcycle Hillclimb World Champion / Co-Founder of Fixate / Co-Founder of Peterson Brothers Construction Inc / CEO of Pole Position Raceway / CEO of P2R Karting / Philanthropist

Kerry Peterson is a five-time motorcycle hillclimb world champion and one of Dirt Ride...

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Zak Stone

Adventurer / Hiker / Photographer / Watersports Enthusiast / Diver / Husband / Dad

Oregon native Zak Stone has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. "I love being in the outdoors," Said Stone. "I love seeing the raw, unspoiled, hidden beauty, and I lov...

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Tom & Amy Kelly

Co-owner Ecoworkz Synthetic Grass and Interlocking Pavers / Parents / High School Sweethearts / Outdoor Adventurers

High school sweethearts, Tom and Amy Kelly have been together for 20 years and married since 2001! They are the proud par...

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Gus Duran

Taekwondo Instructor / Business Owner / Stuntman / Athlete

Gus Duran (born Augusto Duran) was born and raised in Argentina where he started his training in Taekwondo at the age of seven. He moved to the United States at the age of fourteen where he continued to train in martial arts, acrobatics and stunt work. ...

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