Bering Sea Crab Fisherman / Entrepreneur / Photographer / Author / World Adventure Racer / TV Personality / Computer Engineer / Mountaineer / Radio Personality

Washington’s Travis Arket is an office-loathing, guardian of chepic lifestyles. He blends the best of cheesy and epic (hence the word combo chepic) into a vision of actuality. Travis is an entrepreneur, a visionary and global thrill seeker who believes life is truly the adventure you make it. Described as a modern day renaissance man, Travis began working in the technology industry at the age of 14 and began his first business at 16. Bored with the everyday routine of computer work, Travis started commercial crab fishing in Alaska. In short time, Travis was starring in the most popular television series on Discovery Channel, the Emmy award-winning Deadliest Catch. As a professional photographer (another trait in his vast skillset), Travis also provided extra multimedia content to the shows production on the other side of the camera as well. Travis also has a love for racing, and is a pioneer of what is now one of the largest street racing scenes in the nation. Travis was a founding member of the influential underground racing group known as Racelab. His love for racing evolved and he co-founded Robot House, a charity to help raise money globally by participating and hosting unsanctioned endurance adventure races in developing nations. Travis has participated in races on nearly every continent, in some of the strangest vehicles over the world's toughest terrain. Travis still participates in these charity-driven races with friend and venture partner, Jeff McMahan as Team USA, Stars, Bars and Scars. Travis began collecting content in extreme parts of the world for promotional and marketing use. His work has been published in projects with, Discovery, National Geographic, Alaska Air, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Weather Channel, National Fisherman, The Adventurists, Pacific Fishing, Grundens Clothing, Filson Clothing, and many others around the world. In 2009 he wrote a best-selling book called Deadliest Waters (www.deadlistwaters,com). He created a national book tour to promote the book, his clothing line and the Alaska Seafood Industry. At the end of his Deadliest Waters book tour, Travis hiked the 2,900 mile Pacific Crest Trail for 5 months. In the past 13 years, Travis has made a name in marketing and has developed several formulas that are implemented in many of today’s most-successful personalities and lifestyle brands.

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