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Regie Simmons dabbled in weight training off and on for years—first while running track in high school and again during a weight lifting class in college. It wasn’t until he had completed his undergrad degree in Journalism from Howard University and his MBA from Saint Joseph’s University that he really became committed to the sport of bodybuilding. It was around this time that he landed a dream job working in the marketing department of a biotechnology/pharmaceutical company.

His motivation to hit the gym was driven primarily by a need to find an outlet for work-related stress as a result of “living the dream.” There was one point in his career where he was sleeping about 4 hours per night and working 14-16 hour days. In addition to long hours, Regie also had a grueling travel schedule that required him to travel 2-3 times per month.

Everything was about work and as a result, his health started to suffer. Having always been the slim guy growing up, a slight double chin and a meaty middle prompted him to join a local gym.

After about a year of consistently working out, a bikini competitor in his local gym introduced him to Men’s Physique in early 2012 and he hasn’t looked back.

In short order, Regie was featured as the Amateur of the Week, secured sponsorship with a supplement company and started penning dozens of fitness-related articles and eBooks. His work has appeared in several magazines, including Train magazine, Scottsdale Health, Natural Bodz and Physique and on several websites including, and NPC News Online.

In 2014, Regie co-launched FitBodiez, a fitness equipment supply company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his wife where he resides. Regie continues to work in biotechnology, travels 2-3 times per month and trains 5-7 times per week.

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