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You can say that Phil Holcomb was born into a family business of construction. His parents Philip and Karen owned a small construction company doing demolition and grading in Arcadia, CA. “I was always intrigued and loved heavy equipment,” said Holcomb. “I was able to climb up and start different machines as early as two years old and this would scare my mom to death.” Phil’s dad was also an active motorcycle desert racer and the day Phil was born his dad went and bought him his first motorcycle, a Honda Trail 70. “I would go to work with my dad during the week and ride on the equipment, watching and learning how to operate,” Phil added. “On weekends we would go to the desert and I'd ride on the gas tank of his Triumph as we sped across the desert. At seven years old I went to work during the summer and he put me on a scrapper and told me to follow the other guys and do what they do, I worked all summer making $.050 per day! A few years later I was good enough to run jobs by myself, people would see a young kid on the tractor and the police were called a few times. We never got in trouble once they saw I was under control and knew what I was doing. I did this every summer working and racing weekends through high school. By 18 years old I was a top pro off-road motorcycle racer, and top equipment operator in the industry. I got married in 1989 and bought my first house. We had two children - Chris was born in 1993 and Taylor was born in 1996. In 1992 I decided I would make more money doing construction than racing so I sold a race bike and used that money to put a down payment on a new tractor. I started PH Construction in June of 1992, since then we grew PH to over 70 employees, and 30 pieces of equipment. PH has been a major supporter of Make a Wish, Donate Life, T.A.P.S. and other fundraisers for fellow friends and racers. PH got Contractor of the year for both Costco and Target going above and beyond for all the construction needs. I signed with Pro Circuit in 1996 for desert racing and switched to Kawasaki. The first year I earned AMA’s number two plate in the 250cc class.” Holcom has also helped Oakley, Pro Circuit and Kawasaki build motocross tracks for racers to train and test new products.


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