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Three Southern California moms (Piper Sheldon, Melissa Bailey, Blair Allison) following their passion of working out and eating clean. All while helping other moms along the way with their daily inspiration on social media and their online 21-day fitness challenges.

The idea for SoCalFitMoms was born at the bottom of a bottle of wine and some serious girl talk while discussing how hard it is for moms to put themselves first. There is always someone or something that takes precedence over workouts or the time to prep and plan healthy meals for themselves and their families. These three moms have learned how to balance daily life, how to have fun, how to eat clean, how to maintain a healthy body/mind lifestyle and are working to share their knowledge with others.


With over 25 years combined of fitness instruction, Piper and Blair lead the crew with daily workouts and motivation on their social media sites. Melissa is our resident health coach and has found a passion in helping others learn how to succeed in making lifestyle changes.

SoCalFitMoms are here to help other moms feel great about themselves again, to learn how to make healthy food choices and to make themselves a priority.

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