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Lynn was raised in Ontario, Oregon by parents who loved him dearly, but did not share his enthusiasm for dirt bikes. Lynn would ask for a dirt bike every year for his birthday and Christmas. His parents did buy him several motorcycles over the years…an Evel Knievel wind up stunt cycle toy, an “Air Jammer” powered cycle, but never the real deal. “They are too dangerous!” his parents would say. Never being one to take “no” for an answer, Lynn is now surrounded by motorcycles as he makes a living designing and manufacturing motorcycle accessories that are distributed worldwide.

Lynn graduated in 1997 from the University of Idaho with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He earned a living during those college days by running a mobile DJ business which led to the creation of two different dance clubs that catered to young adults in a smoke and alcohol-free environment. Upon graduation, he started a food processing automation business with his father. A while later, Lynn bought that dirt bike he had always dreamed of. He decided that he wanted a cargo rack for the back of that bike, but failing to find something that was really high quality and looked cool, he designed and machined a billet aluminum cargo rack of his own. His riding buddies really liked the rack and started asking for one for their bikes. This is how Lynn started his dirt bike accessory company, Pro Moto Billet. Satisfied customers started asking for other products like kickstands and spark arrestors and the business started to grow. In 2006, Lynn purchased another dirt bike accessory company, Fastway Performance, which expanded the business. In 2009, Lynn purchased a steering stabilizer product line from a well-known suspension company. In 2015, Lynn purchased a patent for a billet aluminum hose clamp product line, called Pithon Hoselocks, which will take his company’s offerings into markets such as UTV-SXS, automotive and aviation.

In 2003, Lynn and his wife, Sara, purchased an old school building that was built in 1908 and in dire need of a major overhaul. They spent the next six years gutting the interior of the building and rebuilding it into their dream home. They have three wonderful children. When they are not busy running a business, doing home improvement projects and participating in church activities, the family enjoys traveling the world, spending quality time together and making memories. Lynn’s spare time hobbies include: spending time with his family, dirt biking, snow biking, rebuilding cars, road racing cars and boating.

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