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NPC Bikini Competitor / ACE Certified Personal Trainer / Mom

Kayla Tocco is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NPC Bikini Competitor and all around fitness enthusiast. A loving wife and mother to a toddler, Kayla found her calling in fitness as she worked to regain her pre-baby body. Fitness wasn't always her main focus, with most of her time being spent working as a bookkeeper and human resources manager and putting her accounting degree to good use for over 10 years. After having her first child, she discovered that not only did she have a passion for health and fitness, but that she wanted to help others regain their health and fitness as well. At that point she decided to pursue her personal training certification so that she could shift her career to the fitness industry and work toward helping others. Now, Kayla is a work at home mom, taking online personal training clients and developing custom fitness and nutrition programs for those who wish to change their life for the better. She is also currently preparing for her second NPC show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in hopes of working her way toward obtaining her Pro Card and becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fitness

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