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Photographers / Adventurers / World Travelers / Business Owners

Jon and Julia Currier reside in the Pacific Northwest. While Jon is originally from Oregon and Julia from Massachusetts, the two coasts have been united for over 10 years. Jon owns Jon Currier Photography and specializes in action sports, concerts, lifestyle and all things fun. Jon's passion has brought him and Julia around the globe capturing many memories along the way. Additionally, Jon is an ambassador for multiple companies such as Dakine, LanParte Gimbles, LumeCube & more, and has recently partnered with the newly established company SoPro Mounts which makes aftermarket GoPro accessories, Julia owns, operates and manages a highly established country music website, Working closely with the music industry on a day-to-day basis, Julia provides readers with current and relevant country music news, with Jon working closely behind the scenes. From high-profile artists to the rising stars, the Currier's have been apart of many exclusive and amazing moments. Heavily experienced with social medial, Jon and Julia both have established active social media channels for each of their respective platforms which they consistently keep up to date promoting their projects. Between the two, The Currier's capacity reach over 80K people collectively across all of their social media outlets, and continues to grow daily. When the Currier's are not at an action sport event or concert, the couple from Washington State loves to spend time out on the water, hiking, enjoying good food & drinks, and most importantly spending quality time with family and friends.


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