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Wake Surf Competitor/ Fitness Model/ Crossfit Enthusiast

Jen Boctor is a wake surf competitor and fitness model. At the age of 17 she started competing in snowboarding competitions, including slope style, big air and border cross, and placed top in the women's pro snowoarding division. However, after a few years, competitive snowboarding took a toll on her body so she switched her focus, over to the world of competitive bodybuilding, specifically in the Bikini and Figure categories and eventually added Crossfit into the mix. Crossfit quickly became her passion and she turned her focus to local Crossfit Competitions for the next six years. More recently she's competed in wakesurfing competitions and took 1st at the 2017 World Wake Surfing Competition.

Her current training regimen combines a mixture of her favorite activities so that she can, not only stay in shape, but have fun doing it. That regimen currently consists of Crossfit, weight training and wakesurfing, several days a week. She loves being able to not only stay fit, but look great while doing the things she loves.

When she's not training, she enjoys snowboarding and wake surfing for fun, traveling and hanging out with her friends.

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