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Adventurer / Owner of MyGym in Layton, Utah/ Owner Sub Zero Ice Cream / Mom

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Jamie Dicks leads a full life with her husband, a former professional motorcycle racer, Ryan. As a parent of two young children, every day is a constant juggle in the quest to create more time. Jamie owns and operates two businesses, a Sub Zero Ice Cream franchise and My Gym Children’s Fitness Center in the Salt Lake suberb of Layton. She is also very active in the community and holds multiple charitable events every year, raising thousands of dollars for kids fighting cancer, and can regularly be seen on local television promoting healthy, active kids. Jamie also volunteers at her kid’s school and is always seeking outdoor adventures. Jamie’s mission is to show her girls that women can pursue their personal passions, celebrate successes, and be mothers all at the same time. She leads a healthy, active lifestyle, and shares her love of the outdoors and adventure with the hope that her girls will be passion driven and well rounded adults who positively contribute to their community. She has an incredible zest for life that she wishes to pass on to not only her own children, but rather her entire community.

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