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 Professional Motorcycle Freestyle Rider / Husband / Dad / World Traveler / X-Games Competitor 

Southern California’s Destin Cantrell is one of the world’s top motorcycle freestyle riders. He’s traveled around the world competing and has entertained millions of motorsports fans. He and his wife Ashley are part of the Fixate Family and they are an amazing couple. Cantrell started riding dirt bikes in 1993 at the age of four. He raced a minicycle, a Yamaha PW50 as a child, and even spent a year racing junior speedway at the world famous Costa Mesa Speedway. He eventually went back to his dirt bike roots and found a new love in freestyle. In 2005 he turned pro and the rest is history. Cantrell is taller than most off-road motorcycle riders and uses his six-foot-one-inch body to his advantage. “I'm definitely known for my whips and for having big extensions on my tricks," said Cantrell. In fact, that is what has earned him a spot in the Best Whip contest at the prestigious X-Games competition.

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