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Brandon was Born and raised in Utah and hillclimbing has been a part of the Whitlock family for over 40 years. His dad Steve instilled the love of hillclimbing to their entire family. Brandon has been riding motorcycles with his brother Travis since he was six years old, and hillclimbing with him for over 20 years. He met the love of his life Angela in 2009, and they have been "Team 10" ever since. Angela has a passion for photography and loves to take pictures at all of Brandon's races. They love to travel all over the states for their hillclimb weekends, and are always up for weekend adventures away..... Whether it be camping, hiking, fishing or motorcycles, or Brandon's new love of aviation, they are always busy and on the go together. They have two German Shepherds that love to travel with them along with their beautiful daughter, son in law & new granddaughter. There motto is "Families that play together stay together."

"We are so excited to be part of Fixate, and we know first hand the benefits of the silicone rings," said Angela. "At one of Brandon's first races of the year we spent five hours in the emergency room trying to get my stainless steel toe ring off. I smashed the ring and the hospital didn't have the proper tools, so Brandon and one of our friends had to find somewhere at 4 a.m to buy a Dremel tool so they could cut if off right because the ER staff could not get it done. It was a long, painful, and ridiculous night. If I would've had a silicone Fixate ring on this would've never been an issue and it will never be a issue again."

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