Why Choose Silicone Wedding Bands?

At Fixate Designs, we are committed to building the ultimate silicone rings and wedding bands for the active lifestyle. We use premium medical-grade silicone for our men’s and women’s wedding bands, and we offer a variety of ring sizes, colors, shapes and designs. Our rings are perfect for home, work and play and are ideal for the gym, outdoors, construction site, watersports, and just about everything you do on a daily basis. Silicone wedding bands are worn by everyone from professional athletes, firefighters, law enforcement and electricians to moms, surfers, pilots and more. A misconception is that these are rubber wedding bands, but they are not. Although they are flexible, stretchable and extremely comfortable, Fixate Designs silicone wedding bands are made of a special patented high-tech silicone material that is considered state-of-the-art. 

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Solving Marriage Problems One Ring At a Time!

We can't fix all of your marriage problems, but Fixate silicone wedding bands allow you to show your commitment at home, work and at play, and every hour of every day!